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Funds of Hedge Funds: For Professional Investors and Managers

By Jaffer, Sohail

1 Chapter Available  US$19.95/chapter (Member)

Risk Management and Capital Adequacy

By Gallati, Reto

2 Chapters Available  US$9.95/chapter (Member)

Managing Credit Risk: The Next Great Financial Challenge

By Altman, Edward I.
Caouette, John B.
Narayanan, Paul

11 Chapters Available  US$3.50/chapter (Member)

Operational Risk Modelling and Analysis: Theory and Practice

By Cruz, Marcelo

1 Chapter Available  US$12.00/chapter (Member)

Economic Capital: A Practitioner Guide

By Dev, Ashish

1 Chapter Available  US$14.95/chapter (Member)

Managing Hedge Fund Risk: From the Seat of the Practitioner - Views from Investors, Counterparties, Hedge Funds and Consultants

By Reynolds-Parker, Virginia

1 Chapter Available  US$7.00/chapter (Member)

Energy Modelling: Advances in the Management of Uncertainty

By Kaminski, Vincent

2 Chapters Available  US$10.00/chapter (Member)

Risk Budgeting: A New Approach to Investing

By Rahl, Leslie

3 Chapters Available  US$8.50/chapter (Member)

Risk Management

By Crouhy, Michel
Galai, Dan
Mark, Robert

2 Chapters Available  US$5.50/chapter (Member)

Portfolio Theory and Performance Analysis

By Amenc, Noel
Le Sourd, Veronique

3 Chapters Available  US$13.00/chapter (Member)

The New Generation of Risk Management for Hedge Funds and Private Equity Investments

By Jaeger, Lars

2 Chapters Available  US$19.95/chapter (Member)

Liquidity Black Holes: Understanding, Quantifying and Managing Financial Liquidity Risk

By Persaud, Avinash

1 Chapter Available  US$9.00/chapter (Member)

Volatility and Correlation: The Perfect Hedger and the Fox

By Rebonato, Riccardo

3 Chapters Available  US$4.00/chapter (Member)

Fixed Income Securities: Tools for Today`s Markets

By Tuckman, Bruce

9 Chapters Available  US$4.00/chapter (Member)

Modern Investment Management: An Equilibrium Approach

By Litterman, Robert
The Quantitative Resources Group, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

7 Chapters Available  US$4.50/chapter (Member)

Risk Budgeting: Portfolio Problem Solving with Value-at-Risk

By Pearson, Neil D.

11 Chapters Available  US$4.95/chapter (Member)
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Chapter 2010 2010 FRM Practice Exam
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The FRM Exam is a practice-oriented examination. Its questions are derived from a combination of theory, as set forth in the core readings, and "real-world" work experience. Candidates are expected to understand risk management concepts and approaches and how they would apply to a risk manager`s day-to-day activities. The FRM ... click here for more details.

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