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Swaps, interest rate swaps, swap spreads and swap yield curves, intuitive swap valuation, zero-coupon swap valuation, calculating forward rate from spot rate discount factors, bootstrapping, key principles of interest rate swap, non-plain vanilla interest rate swaps, basis risk, basis swap, extendable swaps, forward start swap, margin swap, off-market swap, putable swaps, forward-start, accreting (step-up) swap, amortizing swap, constant maturity swap (CMS), constant maturity Treasury (CMT) swap, differential swap, LIBOR-in-arrears (back-set) swap, roller coasters, swaptions, call swaption, put swaption, dollar value of a basis point (DVBP), present value of a basis point (PVBP), hedging using interest rate swaps
Reading Contents:
7.1 Interest Rate Swaps
7.1.1 Market Terminology
7.1.2 Swap Spreads and the Swap Yield Curve
7.2 Generic Swap Valuation
7.2.1 Intuitive Swap Valuation
7.2.2 Zero-Coupon Swap Valuation
7.2.3 Calculating the Forward Rate from Spot-Rate Discount Factors
7.2.4 The Key Principles of an Interest Rate Swap
7.2.5 Valuation Using the Final Maturity Discount Factor
7.3 Non–Plain Vanilla Interest Rate Swaps
7.4 Swaptions
7.4.1 Valuation
7.5 Interest Rate Swap Applications
7.5.1 Corporate and Investor Applications
7.5.2 Hedging Bond Instruments Using Interest Rate Swaps
Book Review:
** From the Publisher **

An array of techniques and applications are used in the analysis and valuation of the principal debt market instruments. The basic analytical techniques are applicable in all bond markets, but as the instruments being valued become more complex, additional techniques are required. In order to succeed, today’s financial practitioners need to be up to speed on how these derivative products and their underlying securities are structured and valued.

In Fixed-Income Securities and Derivatives Handbook, Moorad Choudhry provides a concise and accessible overview of the main elements of the markets, the techniques used, and their applications. Covering a wide range of market instruments, the book examines simple and complex products and the mathematics behind them.

Analyzing cash and derivative products, Choudhry provides insight into market conventions with case studies demonstrating how the markets really work. The book features an introduction to yield-curve models, curve-fitting techniques, option-adjusted spreads, index-linked bond analytics, and a range of other applications in the fixed-income markets. Choudhry’s unique focus on the international nature of these instruments makes the techniques and applications appropriate to every debt capital market.

Whether new to the field or simply in need of a refresher on recent developments, the practitioner will find Fixed-Income Securities and Derivatives Handbook a resource to have close by.

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